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Keep track of and find out who your best suppliers are in terms of passenger volumes and revenue. You can run reports to generate this information for you.


Run booking and departure reports with the easy to use reporting tab. Here, you set the parameters for the start and end date and select the type of sale. The report will produce dates, passenger numbers and revenue.

Time Saving

Save time by avoiding having to enter client information for every booking by utilising the systems client storage facility. It will also allow you to keep track of repeat custom.


Where you have staff working under different brands and in various locations or if just have a preference to keep trading records for each brand separate the multi-portal option enables a separate gateway for each trading name or office.


Whether you have one brand or multiple brands, the system allows you to tailor invoices to your business. Select the format and add your logo and your good to go.


Manage and maintain supplier and client payment records, the system will allow you to mark the status for each payment to ensure you are organised and up to date.

Designed by travel professionals for travel professionals

SET UP FEE - £300

Monthly rates vary depending on the number of users a company requires.

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